Super Tuesday

Okay, so who’s it gonna be?
When I first heard about the list of candidates the Democrats put forward I thought they must be desperate not to have the next prez of the US of A. I mean, an intelligent but not overly sexually attractive woman and an african American whose name sounds like he was connected to 9-11.
But then I saw the Republican candidates. Those Republicans really don’t want to stay in responsibility. A mormon, some redneck called Huckabee and a senior citizen who is probably the closest to a respectable person that the party has to offer.
You match the names to the pictures:

I suspect that the Republicans try to, whenever they’re in power, cut taxes for the rich and cut welfare for the poor, then start a war to please the military industrial complex and cut down the minorities population (coz they do all the fighting and dying, see?) and then finally, when the budget deficit and national debt blows up in their face (recession scare, real estate collapse), they put the candidates to the front who are least likely to succeed (I think that’s what it said next to a picture of Sen. Huckabee in his college yearbook).
So in consequence the Democrats have a pile of shit waiting in the oval office when they take over (be it Obama or Hillary). A pile so big it won’t fit into one of Huckabee’s old jackets…
So good luck USA.


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