Gutter Twins interview gone bad


I had the great opportunity (I thought) to interview two of my musical heroes when the Gutter Twins came to town to promote their first album “Saturnalia“, due for release in Europe in March. The heroes I’m referring to are of course Mark Lanegan (ex-Screaming Trees, ex-QOTSA) and Greg Dulli (ex-Afghan Whigs, Twilight Singers), who are bestest friends and have finally decided to start a project together. The Gutter Twins sound exactly like one would expect (in a good way). It’s Afghan Whigs meets Mark Lanegan in a match made in heaven. Drinking man’s music. Deep, blue and smoke filled (is that a way to describe music?). Two of the most recognizable voices in the rock biz. It’s great.
BUT… they don’t do filmed interviews as I had to learn when I tried to do a filmed interview with them. So I ended up in their hotel room smoking cigarettes and filming the bed sheets while Greg lay on the floor on one side of the bed and Mark sat on a chairon the other side of the bed. I was on the bed pointing the mic to my left and right to get what they had to say. It turns out that we all share a mutual love for the great game of basketball. They have real nerd knowledge like who played with Gilbert Arenas on the Arizona Wildcats team. Mark even asked me about Uwe Blab, one of Dirk Nowitzki’s predecessors and probably the first German in the NBA (he was drafted in ’85 with Detlef Schrempf). As a Seattle Sonics fan, Mark is of course a Detlef Schrempf fan. Good ol’ Det the Threat. I’m a Washington Wizards fan so of course we talked about Gilbert Arenas (Agent Zero), king of the blogosphere.
Gilbert in the middle
I don’t know whether the interview will ever see the light of day, since I work for Hobnox and we do web TV besides being the next community site you want to be a member of. For webTV you need footage and I don’t have any.
But at least I got to spend some cozy time with two guys whose music I adored back when I was 14. Greg even offered me some of his freedom fries.
In the end I’m happy as a private person and fan boy, but from a professional point of view it was a waste of time.

They will play live in Germany! Find my update here!


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2 Responses to “Gutter Twins interview gone bad”

  1. Gutter Twins Interview online now! « Kbro’s Weblog Says:

    […] couple of weeks ago I posted about how my interview with the Gutter Twins had gone bad, ’cause I wasn’t allowed to film them. This is what […]

  2. jesusbracho Says:

    Check out “The Gutter Twins” new video “Idle Hands” ONLY on Eye Music Network.
    Go to now SEE THE MUSIC!

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