Radiomobile Car Disco

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Everybody grab a taste auf automobile madness courtesy of Yorck the reporter and his krazy krew of kaotic kameramen who joined him on an automotive adventure taking them through three countries in 2 days on the quest for the best customized car in all of Europe. What better place to look than the Radiomobile Car Disco during Art Basel the biggest Art Fair worldwide. The organizers of Radiomobile are a Parisian art collective or rather a duo called Kolkoz who gather other art collectives and galleries who all bring some kind of an artsy-fied car to the public square in front of Basel’s Convention Centre. Porsche Replicas studded with diamonds, bimbos on roller-skate, mint condition Fiat 500s, Austin Minis wrapped in 70s wallpaper, three auzzie chicks with crazy whigs in a love magic death disco bus and so on and so forth, I guess you get the general flavor. Now I cordially invite you to check the whole coverage of Radiomobile on, a Hobnox channel. And brace yourselves as there are more parts to come.


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