The Rocker Exclusive

Check out this funny spoof portrait of Fish Fishman (Rainn Wilson), who is the star of FOX’s latest comedy The Rocker, about a man who used to be the drummer in a successfull hair band of the late eighties called Vesuvius. After they kicked him out for a major deal his life went downhill, all the way to his sister’s attic. Until his nephew asks him to play in his highschool prom band. That assignment jumpstarts a tour de force of Rock’n’Roll mayhem. From what I’ve seen The Rocker looks like a 21st century Spinal Tap or at least a nice take on movies like Almost Famous. And it features my secret crush Emma Stone (Superbad) and Kelly Bundy, err Christina Applegate. Rock’n’Roll will never dead, as zee tschermans say.


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