MTV Central Europe is (almost) dead…here’s DiViD

You already know that MTV Central Europe chucked about half its staff last week. There hadn’t been much music on MTV in the last couple of years anyways. So know I would like to grant you the opportunity to have a look at this Hobnox web-channel which is dedicated to music videos, categorized by styles. It’s called DiViD and features shows like Bedhead, Blitz’n’Thunder, Popsicle and more, which all serve as containers for videos in the different styles of music. Hand-picked by an editorial staff of elite music journalists.

Bedhead features bands like: The Mae-Shi, MGMT, The Dodos, Alkaline Trio, Los Campesinos, Born Ruffians

Blitz’n’Thunder presents: Slipknot, Anti-Flag, Pennywise, The Donots or The Street Dogs

Check out ClicksChordsCracks for: The Notwist, Battles

Be sure to watch the latest Oasis video on Popsicle, alongside pop acts like: CSS, Emiliana Torrini, The Ting Tings, Santogold

Let’s not forget those Hip Hop aficionados out there. Their home is called Vid-Yo: Puppetmastaz, Tone-Loc ft. Peaches, RZA, CLP

Milk and Whiskey provides you with folky singer/songwriter tunes: Seabear, Fleet Foxes, Port O’Brien, Iron & Wine

For background reports, making ofs and interviews check Clip:Control.

1,2,3, floor deals with everything dance, of course: Calvin Harris, Jahcoozi, Asian Dub Foundation and more…

So, who needs ol’ MTV? Record company executives are welcome to contact me about DiViD.


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