Amadou & Mariam live in Berlin 2009

live, Berlin 2009

live, Berlin 2009

Le dimanche à Bamako, c’est le jour de marriage“. That’s the title of my favorite song by this couple from Mali. It means that sundays are wedding days in Bamako, the capital of Mali in Western Africa, where Amadou and Mariam come from.

Amadou and Mariam are both blind and they met at a school for the blind in the 1970s. Their style of Afro-Beat got lots of international attention. Especially when Manu Chao, formerly of Mano Negra, recorded an album with them.

They played to a nearly sold out audience in Berlin’s “Kesselhaus” on February 19th, 2009 and two friends and me plowed our way through several inches of snow to make it there. What a great contrast: Winter wonderland outside, Afro-Beat inside. This was their first show in Berlin since 2006 and the crowd was very enthusiastic. It was a mixed crowd, featuring everything from dreadlock rastas to banker types. Everyone enjoyed the two hours including two encores, one of which was “Le Dimanche à Bamako”…


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