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SPD Wahlplakate: Meine Vorschläge

August 18, 2011

Die aktuelle Plakatkampagne der Berliner SPD ist ja gut gemeint, hätte aber etwas mehr Ehrlichkeit gegenüber den Befindlichkeiten dieser Stadt mit ihren diversen Lebensentwürfen vertragen können.

Z.B. so:

SPD Wahlplakat für das wahre Berlinoder so:

vielleicht auch so:

oder doch so:

manchmal auch so:


Amadou & Mariam live in Berlin 2009

February 21, 2009
live, Berlin 2009

live, Berlin 2009

Le dimanche à Bamako, c’est le jour de marriage“. That’s the title of my favorite song by this couple from Mali. It means that sundays are wedding days in Bamako, the capital of Mali in Western Africa, where Amadou and Mariam come from.

Amadou and Mariam are both blind and they met at a school for the blind in the 1970s. Their style of Afro-Beat got lots of international attention. Especially when Manu Chao, formerly of Mano Negra, recorded an album with them.

They played to a nearly sold out audience in Berlin’s “Kesselhaus” on February 19th, 2009 and two friends and me plowed our way through several inches of snow to make it there. What a great contrast: Winter wonderland outside, Afro-Beat inside. This was their first show in Berlin since 2006 and the crowd was very enthusiastic. It was a mixed crowd, featuring everything from dreadlock rastas to banker types. Everyone enjoyed the two hours including two encores, one of which was “Le Dimanche à Bamako”…

Pet Conspiracy tour Europe! They’re chinese.

January 27, 2009

Helen from Pet ConspiracyChinese Electro-Clash outfit Pet Conspiracy hit Europe in 2008 anf left their mark on the dancefloors of Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, Budapest and Barcelona. Singer Helen, who used to be a presenter for MTV China, mastermind/producer/guitarist Huzi and Edo, an italian drummer in Beijing took a cameraman along to capture the spirit of their european tour. It includes an alcohol test in Hamburg’s famous quarter St. Pauli, a huge yellow chicken on the dancefloor in Cologne and alot of fun and food on the road.

Check it out on Hobnox!

EDIT: Honox is down. No more video. 2 Bad.


April 1, 2008

Hi everybody!

All you bloggers and advocates of Creative Commons, you future thinkers, you movers and shakers!

I’m looking forward to seeing you all at Berlin’s Kalkscheune from April 2nd to April 4th for re:publica’08.

I hear it’s sold out, so unless you have your ticket, stay at home and watch the livestream on

The Hobnox Evolution Festival

March 3, 2008

Vodpod videos no longer available. from posted with vodpod

The Hobnox Evolution Festival is over!

March 3, 2008

I hope the little trailer that I posted above can give you a glimpse of the greatest launch party any start-up ever had. If I’d tell you what the budget was you’d want to have us organize all of your parties. Don’t ask anyone about band catering. I think the budget was about € 250 for snacks and drinks for three bands (one of them consisting of 20 people). At least Ministry Of Sound newcomer Calvin Harris had his personal bottle of Jim Beam which I’m sure he didn’t finish, coz an acquaintance of mine found it and finished it off. Cheers!

This dude who’s having his bow tie chewed on (I love the sexual connotation in this pic) was the best dressed man of the night. No-one else showed up in a tuxedo.

This fine young lady deejayed in the VIP. She mixed classic country with David Lynch soundtracks and Polka. The VIPs loved it. By the way, those same VIPs drank their whole free beer budget by 10 pm (doors opened at 8 pm).

These two gents were a big part of the free booze killing squad. Jury members Tyron Ricketts (Word Cup, Soko Leipzig) and JayBo aka Monk (Irie Daily, Style 100).


Notic Nastic were one of three finalists in the category “music”. They didn’t win but definitely had an interesting visual concept.

I told you the place was packed. Around 2000 people showed up at the Tresor which led to the uncomfortable situation that some of the VIPs had to stand in line outside of Tresor because a traffic jam clogged up the staircase from the entrance all the way up to the VIP-lounge.


Time to go home, oh sweet child of the tattooed appearance.

You’ll be able to watch all the finalists of the Hobnox Evolution on in a couple of days.
Just browse by every day to be safe.
Music: Notic Nastic, Boombaker (winner) and Opus 1
Film: Hagezussa, Farm Connection and Philantrop (winner)
Urban Culture: Missy Magazine (winner), Tofa, ArtRMX Cologne

Everybody Freeze! This is a robbery!

February 26, 2008

Hey everybody in Internetland,

over 6 million views of the improv everywhere freeze stunt in NY Grand Central Station on youtube have lured people all over the world into trying to copy that neat little trick. So watch the beloved Berliners do their take of public freezing (actually all we Berliners do all winter long is public freezing, coz it’s so darn cold out here, haha!) sent reporter Juli downtown to make sure everything is done properly.  Have a look at the footage on featuring a very philosophical interpretation of the whole act by a polish lady who said, if I can translate properly: “It might be a presentation to show what it’s like when the world comes to a stop.” Real nice, huh?
Actually this is what it looks like when the world stops:

Weakerthans Berlin Show online, yay!

February 20, 2008


I posted a couple of weeks ago that I’d interviewed Stephen Carroll from the Weakerthans and we’d filmed their Berlin concert at the Lido. Let me tell you how great the live sound turned out to be. I’ve heard worse sound on official live albums. Props to our sound engineer Marco!
The Weakerthans were touring to promote their latest album Reunion Tour but they played more songs off of the Left and Leaving and the Construction Site albums. That’s fine with me.
They’ll be back this summer for some festivals in Germany.

The Hobnox Evolution Festival is on!

February 12, 2008

In case you’ve never heard about it, is a new thing on the web. They’re starting a revolution. Forget myspace and facebook. The Hobnox community is what all you musicians, filmmakers and cultural activists have been waiting for. Starting in March in a closed beta phase people will get a chance to test the fantastic web-based features that Hobnox has developed. They will blow all your minds. Of course I can’t give away what it’s gonna be. There’s gonna be a way to make music and to make your own web-tv channel and broadcast yourself in a livestream.
tresor.jpgBut first and foremost there’s gonna be a party or partay as the young folks say. It’s gonna take place at famed Berlin club Tresor in its new location on Köpenickerstr. in Berlin Kreuzberg. It’s gonna be for free. Just get a Hobnox account.
Performing artists will be new dance-wunderkind Calvin Harris (Ministry Of Sound, UK), infamous Hip Hop puppetsquad The Puppetmastaz and french DJ sensation Missill along with Berlin’s Sick Girls who guarantee to make you move your prosthetics. Just got this: Pantha du Prince and Tobias Thomas will perform as well! Those are the pros. But Hobnox Evolution is all about talent. So let’s see who won our contest.
The top three contestants of the three categories of the Hobnox Evolution contest will portray their skills in music, film and urban culture and compete for 25.000 Euros in production money.
Introducing and congratulating:
Notic Nastic ranked first in music.
Boombaker ranked second.
Opus 1 ranked third.

Hagezussa ranked first in film.
Philantrop ranked second.
Farm Connection
ranked third.

Kickt? came in first for urban culture.
ARTRMX Cologne No. 1 are ranked second.
Missy Magazine ranked third.

The star studded jury will decide at the partay who will take home the money. Oh, the suspense.
Be there or be square on February 28th 2008 and be there early, cuz the place will be packed. (FREE ENTRANCE)
See you there. Whoop whoop!