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The Christmas Spirit

December 19, 2007

Ho, ho, ho!

My, this season gets less and less jolly, the older I get. Check out this macabre game  if your not in the Christmas spirit yet.

Will there ever be another Christmas when soldiers on both sides of the front decide to lay their weapons down to have a peaceful silent night, holy night?

All the fighting, hunger, pestilence and  disease, the greed and the need. Where’s Jesus?

This planet is slowly but surely becoming uninhabitable (is that a word?) and it’s not just the ecological catastrophe. I think the social tragedy is even worse. People in the western societies are feeling more and more disillusioned with the capitalist way of life, pursuing happiness in consumption of things we don’t really need, filling our heads with information that doesn’t enlighten. We’re in a state of individualization where nobody cares about their fellow man enough. A society has to be more than just not killing each other or watching 2girls1cup together.

That of course is the goal of the powers that be. If we don’t accept the fact that we are in this together and must get organized and fight for better days then we will all perish in our apartments filled to the brim with technology, manipulated by mass media, governed by corrupt regimes, hooked on drugs, alone and bored.

Now go home to your families and have a merry christmas, but next year start fighting for true democracy and a better society. It starts  with you: Love thy neighbor!

Merry Christmas y’all!