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Go Go Goa 3

January 30, 2008

Guess who’s back?

Goaman is back in full effect and he’s got Hanuman on his side. Hanuman is depicted as half-monkey and as a child tried to eat the sun which he took for a ripe fruit.  There’s a whole lot to learn about Hanuman on Wikipedia but it’s all gibberish to me as I know close to nothing about Hinduism. But I like the colorful concept.
I did however learn from our spiritual cabbie Sairam who took us on hour long trips through northern Goa that you could go to a Hanuman temple, take a little bowl filled with oil, look into it to see your reflection, then give your sorrows and worries to that reflection and then cast the bowl before Hanuman who will then take away your worries. Good, ey?

Sairam knows how to blow the conch. He’s really good at it and it sounds like a fog horn and carries for miles and miles along the beach. I even had the pleasure to be awoken by it once after a night of boozing. Woah. Makes a mild-mannered man like me think about murder. This is Sairam in his stylish red Speedos. One of his beliefs is that “Style much matters.”

I could go on forever about this guy, so here we go. Don’t think I’m being disrespectful towards Hinduism cause I really had some spiritual moments. Especially when I conversed with God through the porcelain phone in the bathroom after having a Mango lassie or something else that made me sick. After all my shittings and vomitings when my stomach was empty I choked up some evil looking black stuff which I interpreted in the following feverish delirium as to having been my sins and troubles that had poisoned me in 2007. So I got a real thorough cleansing in Goa. The hard way, but what the heck. I’ll take spiritual cleansing any way it comes cause I’m a sinner, yeah.
This Sairam could read me like a book or maybe I just looked unhappy. He told me I had girl troubles which was spot on. Maybe my constant hard-on gave me away though.

Speaking of hard-ons. Did I blog about those russian girls? Ahh, the memories.

So after our party days in Anjuna were over we went down to Palolem a picture perfect beach place. We rented huts on the beach for 30 €uros a night. Here, have a look:Our hut in Palolem
Pretty damn nice, huh?

In Palolem we met Aake a diabetic-alcoholic entertainer from an old finnish family who flees the christmas spirit at home for Goa every year. Once you get used to him he’s actually a pretty intersting and intelligent guy who just happens to have beer for breakfast. When we were hanging out with him around a fire on the beach he managed to scare off four swedish chicks who we had met on the plane to Goa and then later in Anjuna when they were so out of it on drugs. They were hanging out with much scarier freaks then than Aake ever will be but I guess that just goes to show that drugs can impair your judgement of people.
And just for fun I added a pic of Aake:aake
So there you go. Take a trip to Goa and meet the most interesting people.

More to come especially on “The Cannibal Dogs of Goa”, my upcoming feature film.