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Mogwai Interview Video

January 28, 2009

p899-057_080808_sly_1023_interview_oya_mogwai_aMeet Barry and Stuart from Mogwai. These two scottish lads took some time to sit down and talk to my laptop about their latest album “The Hawk Is Howling”. I wanted to know for example why the put a picture of a bald-headed eagle on the cover instead of a howling hawk. They offer some insight on how to kill the queen of England and explain why Stuart isn’t sent up local Glasgow chimneys anymore.

Watch the whole iNterview with Mogwai here on Hobnox!

EDIT: Hobnox is down. No more video. Too bad.


Pet Conspiracy tour Europe! They’re chinese.

January 27, 2009

Helen from Pet ConspiracyChinese Electro-Clash outfit Pet Conspiracy hit Europe in 2008 anf left their mark on the dancefloors of Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, Budapest and Barcelona. Singer Helen, who used to be a presenter for MTV China, mastermind/producer/guitarist Huzi and Edo, an italian drummer in Beijing took a cameraman along to capture the spirit of their european tour. It includes an alcohol test in Hamburg’s famous quarter St. Pauli, a huge yellow chicken on the dancefloor in Cologne and alot of fun and food on the road.

Check it out on Hobnox!

EDIT: Honox is down. No more video. 2 Bad.

The Virgins Interview

January 23, 2009

nuns interviewing virginsMeet Sister Lucy and her fun nuns. They got together to interview hip New Yorkers The Virgins, whose song “Private Affair” is getting airplay like a mo#*?fu%&er all over the world. The boys in the band are extremely attractive and they find themselves extremely attracted to the pretty nuns who interview them in the backstage before their show in Berlin.

The Virgins iNterview is right here on Hobnox.

EDIT: Honox is down. No more video. 2 Bad.

Twitterlesung in Berlin

January 23, 2009

p895-039_080726_clt_0009_twitterlesung_pt08_report_a2Twitter ist ja momentan in aller Munde, sogar Schmidt und Pocher konnten sich gestern darüber amüsieren. Durch die neue gewachsene popkulturelle Bedeutung des Twitterns wird die Berichterstattung von Deutschlands erster Twitterlesung umso bedeutsamer und taugt schon zum wesentlichen Stück neuester Zeitgeschichte. Es lesen und diskutieren u.a. Sascha Lobo und Mario Sixtus, sowie der beste One-Liner-Autor auf Twitter Frank93.

Die Twitterlesung auf Hobnox.

EDIT: Honox is down. No more video. 2 Bad.

MGMT Interview

January 23, 2009

mgmt-screenshotaThe two curly haired boys from hype-band MGMT were barely awake for this fun interview. It features excerpts of the videos “Time To Pretend” and “Electric Feel”. Check it out!

EDIT: Honox is down. No more video. 2 Bad.

Tonight: Franz Ferdinand

January 23, 2009

Franz Ferdinand Alex and Robert of Franz Ferdinand gave us an exclusive video interview including footage of the new single “Ulysses”. Want to know how little underwear those blokes take on tour?

Franz Ferdinand iNterview right here.

EDIT: Honox is down. No more video. 2 Bad.

Teenage Angst coming to cinemas in Germany

January 21, 2009

teenage-angstLast year I had the opportunity to interview up and coming young german actor Franz Dinda (The Cloud, A Year Ago In Winter) during the international student film festival Sehsuechte in Potsdam. He took home a couple of awards for the film “Teenage Angst”, which at a length of 64 minutes is stuck between the genres. Not really a short but too short for the cinemas. Finally in 2009 somebody decided this coming of age drama about adolescence in an upper-class boarding school was in fact good enough to be screened. The interview is in german and starts after about 15 minutes of the report I made on the Sehsuechte-Festival 2008, which is in itself quite fun, if I may say so.

MTV Central Europe is (almost) dead…here’s DiViD

October 28, 2008

You already know that MTV Central Europe chucked about half its staff last week. There hadn’t been much music on MTV in the last couple of years anyways. So know I would like to grant you the opportunity to have a look at this Hobnox web-channel which is dedicated to music videos, categorized by styles. It’s called DiViD and features shows like Bedhead, Blitz’n’Thunder, Popsicle and more, which all serve as containers for videos in the different styles of music. Hand-picked by an editorial staff of elite music journalists.

Bedhead features bands like: The Mae-Shi, MGMT, The Dodos, Alkaline Trio, Los Campesinos, Born Ruffians

Blitz’n’Thunder presents: Slipknot, Anti-Flag, Pennywise, The Donots or The Street Dogs

Check out ClicksChordsCracks for: The Notwist, Battles

Be sure to watch the latest Oasis video on Popsicle, alongside pop acts like: CSS, Emiliana Torrini, The Ting Tings, Santogold

Let’s not forget those Hip Hop aficionados out there. Their home is called Vid-Yo: Puppetmastaz, Tone-Loc ft. Peaches, RZA, CLP

Milk and Whiskey provides you with folky singer/songwriter tunes: Seabear, Fleet Foxes, Port O’Brien, Iron & Wine

For background reports, making ofs and interviews check Clip:Control.

1,2,3, floor deals with everything dance, of course: Calvin Harris, Jahcoozi, Asian Dub Foundation and more…

So, who needs ol’ MTV? Record company executives are welcome to contact me about DiViD.

The Hobnox Evolution2 Hot Picks

September 19, 2008

Hello my dear friends,

my website has a contest up and running worth $100.000 for projects in music, film and culture.

It’s called the Evolution2, since it’s the second time we’re doing this. This is what the party for the finals of Evolution1 looked like.

I have compiled some great entries to the film category for your convenience. Just surf by and vote for them if you want to support them.

Flying Around The World One crazy guy doing one crazy high-flying Kung-Fu kick all over the world.

Suzuki Tsunami A hommage to the works of Genndy Tartakovsky (Dexter’s Laboratory, Power Puff Girls) by a malysian artist.

The Dovepeople A futuristic vision for an ages old myth.

First Impact Looks like Cloverfield but was made in 2004.


Hobnox Evolution2 coming up!

June 11, 2008

Those who attended will surely remember Hobnox’s Evolution Party in Berlin this february. I recommend my post to get you up to date.

Well that Evolution was fun so let’s see what the next Evolution has in store for us: $ 90.000 in prize money will be split up between the winners in the three categories music, film and culture. All you need to do is register at and upload your media files. The winners of Evolution 1 are Boombaker (music), Missy Magazine (culture) and Philantrop (film).

The second time around I expect even better entries, since we opened the contest for the USA and the rest of the world.

So now you have no excuses left. Get your shit together and become a part of the Hobnox Evolution2!

P.S.: There’s one easy way to win it all: Get everyone you know to vote for you!!!