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Mogwai Interview Video

January 28, 2009

p899-057_080808_sly_1023_interview_oya_mogwai_aMeet Barry and Stuart from Mogwai. These two scottish lads took some time to sit down and talk to my laptop about their latest album “The Hawk Is Howling”. I wanted to know for example why the put a picture of a bald-headed eagle on the cover instead of a howling hawk. They offer some insight on how to kill the queen of England and explain why Stuart isn’t sent up local Glasgow chimneys anymore.

Watch the whole iNterview with Mogwai here on Hobnox!

EDIT: Hobnox is down. No more video. Too bad.


The International Noise Conspiracy iNterview

January 27, 2009

intlnoiseconspi_aHere it is, finally. Ladies and gents, we present the iNterview International Noise Conspiracy. Dennis and Lars sat down with one of our laptops to discuss their latest groovy anti-capitalist album “The Cross Of My Calling”, which was produced by mastermind Rick Rubin and released on American Recordings.

We tested Dennis and Lars on their knowledge of politics and philosophy, by giving them quotes which were either from Arnold Schwarzenegger, Karl Marx, Stalin or Jack Bauer. They did okay…

See for yourself: The iNterview International Noise Conspiracy on Hobnox. Watch now!

EDIT: Hobnox ist down. No more video. 2 Bad.

The Virgins Interview

January 23, 2009

nuns interviewing virginsMeet Sister Lucy and her fun nuns. They got together to interview hip New Yorkers The Virgins, whose song “Private Affair” is getting airplay like a mo#*?fu%&er all over the world. The boys in the band are extremely attractive and they find themselves extremely attracted to the pretty nuns who interview them in the backstage before their show in Berlin.

The Virgins iNterview is right here on Hobnox.

EDIT: Honox is down. No more video. 2 Bad.

MGMT Interview

January 23, 2009

mgmt-screenshotaThe two curly haired boys from hype-band MGMT were barely awake for this fun interview. It features excerpts of the videos “Time To Pretend” and “Electric Feel”. Check it out!

EDIT: Honox is down. No more video. 2 Bad.

MSTRKRFT – hilarious iNterview

May 26, 2008

Yo homies!

iNterview is not a misspelling, the people at developed this new kind of interview and today MSTRKRFT are featured. They put the punk in disco music and get american teen girls to break each other’s legs while moshing. This is the blog post by the makers of the funny iNterview. Check out the iNterviews with the likes of:

Los Campesinos, Atmosphere, Death Cab For Cutie, The Kooks, Anti-Flag and more!

Gutter Twins Interview online now!

March 18, 2008

Hey everybody,

clicka couple of weeks ago I posted about how my interview with the Gutter Twins had gone bad, ’cause I wasn’t allowed to film them. This is what I made out of it. I think it’s funny, especially Greg who sings “California Über Alles” as his favorite love song. I really like their debut “Saturnalia”. It’s been on my car stereo for weeks and weeks non-stop.