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Pet Conspiracy tour Europe! They’re chinese.

January 27, 2009

Helen from Pet ConspiracyChinese Electro-Clash outfit Pet Conspiracy hit Europe in 2008 anf left their mark on the dancefloors of Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg, Budapest and Barcelona. Singer Helen, who used to be a presenter for MTV China, mastermind/producer/guitarist Huzi and Edo, an italian drummer in Beijing took a cameraman along to capture the spirit of their european tour. It includes an alcohol test in Hamburg’s famous quarter St. Pauli, a huge yellow chicken on the dancefloor in Cologne and alot of fun and food on the road.

Check it out on Hobnox!

EDIT: Honox is down. No more video. 2 Bad.


Weakerthans Berlin Show online, yay!

February 20, 2008


I posted a couple of weeks ago that I’d interviewed Stephen Carroll from the Weakerthans and we’d filmed their Berlin concert at the Lido. Let me tell you how great the live sound turned out to be. I’ve heard worse sound on official live albums. Props to our sound engineer Marco!
The Weakerthans were touring to promote their latest album Reunion Tour but they played more songs off of the Left and Leaving and the Construction Site albums. That’s fine with me.
They’ll be back this summer for some festivals in Germany.