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DJ Mujava – New dance music from South Africa

July 16, 2008

I reckon this style of dance music will be the next thing since Dubstep to hit Europe/UK in the head with a baseball bat. Warp Records is gonna release tracks by this guy DJ Mujava from Pretoria whose track “Township Funk” I’ve embedded for your viewing and listening pleasure. It’s 10 in the morning and it’s got me bobbing my head like a madman. Where’s a dancefloor when you need one? BTW, some comments on youtube suggest he’s dead.

Gutter Twins Interview online now!

March 18, 2008

Hey everybody,

clicka couple of weeks ago I posted about how my interview with the Gutter Twins had gone bad, ’cause I wasn’t allowed to film them. This is what I made out of it. I think it’s funny, especially Greg who sings “California Über Alles” as his favorite love song. I really like their debut “Saturnalia”. It’s been on my car stereo for weeks and weeks non-stop.

D-Sailors do Brazil

December 14, 2007

My good friends of the D-Sailors have been playing melodic punkrock for over ten years in the style of US labels like Fat Wreck Chords or Epitaph or swedish label Burning Heart. They’ve been touring alot in Germany and even played gigs in Amsterdam and France, but till today all they have is a loyal hometown following in the small western German town of Jülich where they are heroes like Oasis in Manchester. Because they’re from Jülich they call themselves a West Coast band, although Germany doesn’t really have a West Coast.
BUT…  the D-Sailors are big in Brazil! In 2007 they went on an extensive Brazilian tour sponsored by local shoe makers Red Nose Shoes. They shared the stage with Argentinians All The Hats, long time friends Nitrominds from Sao Paulo and Brazilian Hardcore heroes Dead Fish. You know what? They played live at MTV Brazil! How’s that for a part-time Rockband?
This tour was their third time to play Brazil which is pretty awesome for a band that nearly nobody in Germany has ever heard of. They released three albums in Brazil and played in front of audiences of up to 4000 wild Brazilians. This all goes to show “what goes around comes around”, because the whole Brazilian connection started when D-Sailors toured Germany with the Nitrominds in 2001.
OK, why am I posting this? Because you all can witness the fun and good times they had  on their latest Brazil tour on web-tv channel The third episode “Punkrock in Brazil” went online this week and features live music and interviews with Nitrominds, Dead Fish and the man behind Dynamo Records, a Latin-American Rock label founded by Eric De Haas, a dutchman who emigrated to Brazil and who is somehow linked to the Dynamo Festival in Eindhoven.
Just check it out and enjoy all the episodes.