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Go Go Goa

January 17, 2008

Happy 2008 y’all,

my last post before christmas was written in a very bad mood. Now that I had some 20 days off, I feel much better about myself and the world. Nothing like a little hanging out on the beach to raise the spirits.

I travelled to Goa in India with two mates (one German and one Australian) and I’m gonna tell you about it.
First of all, if you go to Goa try to get a direct flight and stay out of Mumbai/Bombay, where the air is so toxic it makes you sick. Ramshackle huts as far as the eye can see and evil people trying to rip off the unsuspecting travel weary tourist. That’s Bombay.
Oh how great it was to reach paradisical Goa the next day. Friendly people, who will hassle you but in a nicer way. You don’t have the feeling you will be sedated and relieved of your kidneys. Please note that for domestic flights in India always use Kingfisher Airlines, owned by India’s Richard Branson, who beside the airline owns a brewery and claims in an onboard film that he handpicks the air hostesses for his fleet. What a man! By the looks of those hostesses he has some taste. Kingfisher beer is of the watery kind, but hey I’m german and we make the best beer so most beers abroad will have a hard time pleasing my tasty buds.
Let’s get back to Goa: The taxi driver in Goa who took us from the airport to Anjuna where we had our Goa Headquarters didn’t try to sell us hookers like the guy in Bombay (“You like Indian girls?”) and the air is much better in Goa although the people seem to simply burn their trash by the side of the road. When we arrived in Anjuna our friend Ozzie who opened a webdesign company IGOA there welcomed us in his house on Beach Road together with house servant John who gets rented together with the bungalow and Serbian “mayor of Anjuna” Milos, who in his earlier life used to be a tennis coach but nowadays crashes on the porch and seems to rant on all day about things that are “crap” which he pronounces in a very east european accent. Imagine Ivan Drago from Rocky IV saying “today I had crap eggs for breakfast!” We had tons of fun saying “crap” in our fake east european accents. “Crap” this and “crap” that. Apart from saying “crap” he spends most of the day rolling joints and explaining to tourists like us how to properly roll a joint in Goa.
I’ll be back for more soon. Feel free to share your Goa experiences!

Goa Feeling