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Go Go Goa 2

January 24, 2008


I’m back with more whacky wild travel stories from far out Goa.
Thanks again to my employer for giving me 2 and a half weeks off to recharge my spiritual batteries. Did you know that a german employee is entitled to 28 days of vacation a year?

Sorry, just got this in my mail: This Tom Cruise guy is really crazy. He acts like he’s been brainwashed by some religious group called Scientology which I’ve never heard of. Can anyone give me some information on that group coz it all makes so much sense and I feel it could help me overcome drug addiction and depression. I wish Heath Ledger had joined Scientology then he might still be alive according to a press conference Tom Cruise held earlier today which regrettably got pulled from youtube so I can’t post it here. I do however have this:
tom cruise?

But let’s get back to Goa where my mates and me spent New Year’s Eve. There’s a beachfront disco called Curlies and the Shiva Valley next to it which catered to all our celebratory needs. Ours and those of some 1000 indian bachelors whacked out on booze and chillum smoke. Those guys mingled well with 200 russians whacked out on every drug money can buy washed down with gallons of hard liquor (I learned that russians don’t order drinks, they order bottles). To make the multi-cultural mix complete throw in some germans, scandinavians, french, australians, brits and of course those israelis who come to Goa after their military service for three months to forget everything they experienced in the Gaza Strip. And of course the turks of IGOA that we were staying with. Cheers to party monster G√∂kce, never shave that hairy chest, my man!

I hardly met any americans. Hey you, forget Cancun, go go Goa!

If you like Goa-Psy-Trance that party was the shit. I danced alot, although I had quit the Goa-Trance-scene some 7 years ago. But as somebody put it so well in the 80s, “it takes ecstacy to make a white man dance” (quote from “Rip it up and start again” by Simon Reynolds). This time around I had a quite nice Experience with pure MDMA which goes well with all the hash you have to smoke in Goa. It really removes the negative side effects of THC-consumption like drowsiness and paranoia and gives you a nice positive energy rush which eventually has you dancing your ass off and sweating like an animal (negative side effect of MDMA – the sweat).

At around seven in the morning of the first day of 2008 we headed back to the roof of our house to see the sunrise. We met some holy cows on our way and one of them marched straight up to me to say hello. That I interpret as a sign for a good year ahead.

More to come.

Arambol main street